For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.

Save my love through loneliness,
Save my love from sorrow,
I’d give you my onliness,
And all of my tomorrows…


You know you’re a hippie when…

You get the pliers from the tool drawer to use as a roach clip,
Then accidentally put the selenite back into the tool drawer instead of said pliers.

The problem

Bruises feel a lot more real than love. They are always there, tender and visible.

It started out with too much to drink and progressed

to my head on your belly, listening to the ocean inside,

the jellyfish swishing their clear tentacles through your ears,

and ended with our tongues meeting like nervous strangers.

—   Meggie Royer, The First Time I Kissed A Girl (via lightsunderdoorways)

(Source: larmoyante, via lightsunderdoorways)

"please come take this off my hands it smells weird"
/ 2:30 am. /

/ 2:30 am. /




If Disney Princesses Were Actually Sloths by Jen Lewis

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Give unto me.

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